The Most Common Frequently Asked Questions


This text provides clear instructions on how to use the grants information system to search for grants by track, cohort and amount of money awarded. The list of tracks is also provided to give a clear idea of the different tracks available to search for. As well, information as to why some links do not work is also answered.

Grant tracks?

To search for grants by specific track, type the exact track name into the search bar. Examples of tracks include:

  • Stacks Protocol
  • Stacks Interface
  • dApps & Clarity
  • Developer Experience
  • User Experience
  • Cross-Chain & Off-Chain
  • Utility via Stacks
  • Education & Community

Finding Cohorts?

To search for grants by cohort, type the cohort number into the search bar. The cohort number is in the format "C-01", "C-07" or "C-11". This will show a list of grants organized by the cohort you searched for.

Some links are not working?

In the search results, only the links that are blue and have a hover effect when you move your mouse over them are active. The lines that are black text only are not active because of missing data within the Stacks Foundation source database.

How to do a money search?

To search for grants by the amount of money awarded, type the exact amount into the search bar. The amount should be in the format $5,000" or $25,000 or $2,500 and so on. Keep in mind that this search will only return results for amounts that are present in the database.

As well.

It's worth noting that the search is case-insensitive, so whether you type in uppercase or lowercase letters, it won't make any difference.